Herbal Candles

Herbal Candles alquimia

HERBAL CANDLES. These candles plant is a range of 13 models measures 20 cm high x 3.6 cm in diameter. They are beeswax and bathed with beeswax, dyes and carry no contain only one type of plant.

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We have chosen to make a range of candles on one level; because there are people who directly identify more with a particular plant or because they have a special faith in it. Of course they do not have the same potential as other candles with greater herbórea combination. But if we must keep in mind that plants chosen individually ancestral it enjoys a popularity for its very reputable and proven properties.

This type of candles have designed to get open the esoteric sector and open a slope towards alternative therapies, natural and organic products and to supplement the very herbal medicine booming today. It is also a great complement to the Magic Wicca, since this does not work with colors. It is a common element in White Magic par excellence. Green Magic is or subtype in White Magic, it is one that works within one of the star elements of nature and creation: the plant kingdom and plants.

Help in the Healing

Nature has provided us with a truly magical pantry with plants covering our planet. Since time immemorial plants have been used in magic, and function to produce changes by natural forces, it is very poorly understood. In ancient plants were gods, spirits and wizards living in oaks and rustled from flowers.
Our ancestors discovered the forces that were present in plants and used them to improve their lives.

Today herbs and plants that adorn the cities and countryside, edible and ornamental garden plants, including plants inside homes, possess incredible powers. The magical herbalism is the use of these powers.
Although the medicinal properties of plants are well known, many of the prescription drugs are synthetic versions of substances originally derived from these, their hidden powers are less accessible. Much of the magic still remains hidden by the shadow of secrecy. The basis of herbs and magic are all magic, it is strength. This force has taken many forms and names over the centuries, has sometimes been kept secret its existence; others, was full popular domain.

The force created the universe and keeps it in constant evolution. The strength germinating seeds, winds up and turns our planet. It is the energy responsible for the birth of life and death. Everything in the universe is created by it, it contains a little of it and has a direct relationship with her.


This force has no name. It has been revered and and has given an anthropomorphic character in thousands of gods, spirits, demons and other unearthly beings. Unexplained partially between science still continues to discover some of its aspects. The force has played an important role in the evolution of humanity for good or ill.

All religions have used them. Using different symbols and rituals and all magicians have exercised their powers. The strength exists above the rites, religion and magic, with no change in his eternal change. Call it as you want, as you can imagine it, the force is force. Just as when our physical body has some ailment prepared a herbal infusion; spiritual level when we do not feel well; We can draw a parallel use of herbs. This is putting some fabrics made with plants, we will be helping to heal bad energies of our etheric body. Instantly we notice a full welfare.


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