Esoteric Candles

Esoteric candles

Esoteric candles code 1 in our range of candles are the most complete in terms of variety, as they cover the solution to many setbacks in life. It is a lamp with dimensions of 20 cm high and 3.6 cm in diameter; They are pure beeswax and inside there are a variety of crushed plants and magnetized for each specific request.
Combustion of the virgin wax and plant vibrate our requests to be heard and obtain a favorable response soon do the ritual.

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These candles request, are prepared to help you in all the disappointments you could meet, as a slump unsolvable conflicts with your partner or people close to you, remove bad energy from your home or business, alienate people who do not let you evolve out of jealousy or envy, businesses that stand, so we will not get money in situations very limit, to get help in lawsuits or bureaucratic procedures, to assimilate sudden changes that gives us life: separations, deaths, to help to quit addictions like alcohol or drugs (obsessions in general), solution to work, school bullying … to develop our mental strength in spiritual sessions (meditation, tarot, reiki, …).

If we say that these candles for their composition are different, so are upon the ritual, please PROCEED late in the afternoon, so you are wasting all night.
The duration of the sail can be 8 to 20 hours, depending on the spirit of people. In the evening hours the human subconscious is more receptive to the work of magic.
The practice is white magic, and therefore do not hurt anyone in the slightest. NO negative impact on the daily lives of anyone.



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