Esoteric Candle Pillars

Esoteric Candle Pillars beeswax

Esoteric Candle Pillars is our range of over sized candles (larger) than Esoteric candles. They have a better finish and wax out twice and twice herbs it is as if we used two candles at the same time request. Therefore the duration of combustion is at least twice but three times, on occasion.

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Candles are designed to treat highly entrenched problem in the past and very difficult to resolve. They are more effective because logically carry much more wax than normal request. The measures are 20 cm high and has a diameter of 5 cm, with a variety of colors for each specific request. And the requests are often ordered ranging from strange phenomena in a very important physical space, long periods of bad luck, ward off harmful people, themes of love and sex, prosperity in business and enterprise, help fight addictions such as drugs, alcohol , snuff, gambling …

For Every Purpose – With double Load

An important factor that we can bring these candles is a spiritual growth and development, to make us discern at all times what is more convenient and beneficial. In very rough and scrambled environments such as work and home reigns a good understanding and communication between all. In particularly difficult situations when we do not know what or who to turn these candles we provide guidance to the solution. Also in health areas will help us in any disease. This does not mean that a single candle can deal with all issues in general. Must be used or candle for each specific order to achieve an ideal result.
We also offer a state of being and comfort, because when we see its generous proportions, reassures us that long will be working at our request.

So when we are overwhelmed, we assail big doubts and fears or simply we are hoping that big drop ballast ravaging and ruining our lives and our existence; esoteric candles act as guardians firm to break all negativity and give us a new and beneficent feeling fresh and lasting breeze. Ally and shield are effective to completely change a bad sequence of our destiny, beat him and impose upon him.


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