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Candles Salt Esoteric

CANDLES SALT. On our website correspond with the following code 7-A and 7-B.
These candles are deeply studied so that no other work coming from the outside affects the proper functioning of ritual we are doing.

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Because apart from being a noble candle, beeswax plants has the important esoteric Sal protection embedded on the outside, mainly doing any evil energy barrier intrusion that surround our purpose. The power of salt as neutralizer energies is already well known from time immemorial, therefore we have created this model of candles. To have a higher range when the circumstances are complicated and flare up much more than normal.

With these candles we can obtain blunt, direct and efficacy frankly far superior results, since the salt acts as a powerful spiritual shield. They are very little known (for this reason we make this description) candles, but with countless possibilities to solve problems of all kinds, physical belief of the powers of salt as a neutralizer or catalyst negative energies, we inherited Christians of Roman world. They had the curious habit which incidentally has reached our days, throwing a handful of salt over your left shoulder to prevent bad luck. There is a belief that evil was on the left side of our body and kindness on the right side.

Raze with everything

Doing this practice evil spirits that haunted the right time to make theirs were immobilized.

Other esoteric uses that can be found in the candles salt are as follows:
– Absorption of energy: Sea salt absorbs and neutralizes negative energies in an environment, transmuting and alejándolas.

A good way to get your cleaning and protection is placing it in a small container with water under our chair or bed.

– Protection: it can be used for household cleaning and our vehicle. Clean the negativity that is stuck to us and strengthens our own energy to better resist bad external influences.

– Relieves pain and diseases: the chakras and the etheric body can be attacked disease manifesting in the physical body, to clean them find a deep negative shock and relief.

– Clean glasses: When using crystals for healing and protection, cleaning them with salt, we get better results.

– Purify home: especially bad energies that can be found concentrated. Limpiémoslo physically and the atmosphere will be much more enjoyable.

– Clean and balance the chakras: It influences the purification of the etheric body. Salt is able to clean and rebalance our farms to our health is optimal and emotionally stable.


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