Candles Saints

Candles Saints protection

CANDLES SAINTS are a new line of candles Candle Art offers you. We have focused on a series of Santos, the most representative of history and humanity remembers with more fervor. Santo understand those extraordinary people in the past who have dedicated their life to others or made any documented miracle.

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With a burning desire to help others, forgetting themselves. With an influence of matter null, it makes them able to give us the most accurate notions of how extra body or spiritual life.
Human beings can communicate with them, but it would be ostentatious always I believe that we had at our disposal. With these holy candles, any petition can offer the saint who may have more faith, because each has a particular characteristic according to the miracles he did in life.
Candles Saints are composed of beeswax with the figure of each ritualized and magnetised to enhance the result of what you want to ask, with a herbal mixture inside plants, roots and seeds to boost results and ornamented with a great level of detail and realism.
The most demanded requests are protection, comfort, return of the loved one, grief, love rituals …

For divine Petitions

The most representative Santos by betting CANDLE ART are: Sacred Heart of Jesus, San Lazaro, Santa Rita, Virgin Milagrosa, Virgin Mary with baby Jesus, San Judas Tadeo, San Cipriano, San Benito, San Martin de Porres and Santa Martha.
All of them within the specialty that has been assigned to them, will help you with all your love and with a great sense of mercy and charity to the person making the request for help. A request made to a Santo from within our hearts will always be granted, a word of thanks to a Saint, always be grateful. And most importantly, approach a Holy for protection, you will always find comfort.

Christian World

The saints in the Christian world, have always been very advanced beings to the time they have to live. The world has always been more aware of his teachings when they have been martyred and later died, have highlighted mainly by expressing a great detachment from material life, giving decisive importance to good deeds, good conduct and unconscionable sacrifice to practice good to their peers.

His strong will and unwavering faith in the unconditional love for others, have made them a symbolic beings remembered and revered throughout the Christian world. His genius has also been part of his temperament and that strength and energy have lasted beyond physical death, when we asked for help and intercession with the Creator. And most important of all is that almost always get help and solution. They are our most faithful friends, who are always there when everyone gives us back.
CANDLE ART has been able to observe all the potential offered us the saints to create through his figure a beautiful candle that represents physically with all its attributes. Super presentations are packed in a box wooden practice, with instructions inside. Feature that allows you to buy it in a nice and original gift.


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