Candles Resins

Candles Resins For Purification

CANDLES RESINS. Benzoin, myrrh and frankincense: code. 12, code. 13, Code 14 and Code 15 respectively. These aesthetic candles and functionally very different from what we normally see because they are virgin wax with a herbórea combination for each specific case. These candles are different colors for each specific request. They have the special appeal of carry grain resins embedded in the exterior…

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So apart from being a conventional on burning candle, also the outer resin is combusted, offering a pleasant and intense aroma and smell to our request. Resin candles are beautifully presented in a cellophane bag and closed with a rustic lacito pita. It is indicated to solve a problem that we have and also as an original gift.
Candles resins that are especially absorb negative energy and promote good results in terms of relationships, bad companies generally away from toxic people, labor problems, harassment of all kinds and countless more situations.
We turn now to describe to the properties of Benzoin: Male gender, planet Sun, Air element.

The powers attributed to him are: purification and prosperity.
Myrrh: female, planet Moon, Water element. Its main powers are: protection, exorcism, healing and spirituality in general.
Incense also called Olivano: male, planet Sun fire element. The powers attributed to him are: protection, exorcism and spirituality, magical uses. When burned, incense releases a powerful vibrations, not only give inspiration to those in place, but also eliminate all evil and negative forces. For this reason the incense used in exorcism, protection, purification and consecration. It also triggers visions and facilitates deep meditation. These products enjoyed fame and reputation in the near and far East of antiquity. And today CANDLE ART has wanted to incorporate into their products.


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