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Candles of Figures esoteric

Candles of Figures is the section we have very interesting articles. Long ago that candles have stopped having a circular cylindrical shape to let us move to a more modern version of these are the figures of sailing.

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CANDLE ART, always very aware of the trends and needs of the market has wanted to introduce in his repertoire, a series of Candles of Figures that gradually have become a necessity of the public, and in general, we can say that today day are already heavily settled in the uses, tastes, preferences and needs of the vast majority of all those who are regular users of the products of the esoteric world and the alternative sector.

7 Wicks

The origin of candle wicks 7 comes from the religions of Africa and South America. This figure is related to 7 planetary forces for any aspect of our lives. Used to work the 7 chakras together, for housecleaning, appropriate to unlock a person and deliver energy.

CANDLE ART has some models candle wicks 7, accompanied by a bottle of plant extract oil 5cc included. We have it in 3 colors:

– Black: to break work magic, spells in general and herbórea combination that suits you.
– Red: It is also highly sought after since it is used to break magic of love, and unwanted sex and alienates people, also with herbórea composition.
– Natural: It has a slightly more extensive properties, for everything negative in general, cut slumps in economy, business, health … And also with herbs.


Figure shaped candle Buddha also have long resting on the shelves of our shops. This is due to great migratory focus of Asian people to our country and also by the strong roots and acceptance that Buddhism has had in our latitudes. We present a nice and plump Buddha in 5 different colors:
– Red: We will get strength and vitality, with herbs.
– Blue: It is for tranquility, unity and balance, with herbs.
– Green: It has to do with everything that is fertility and abundance and is a fantastic abrecaminos also bearing herbs.
– Natural: It is considered a wildcard, we can use it in all aspects in life poses us a need, in this case does not lead herbórea combination for the versatility of requests we can do.
– Black: To clean all kinds of negative energies, in this case, it takes herbs.


Another figure that once stood strong expectation was and is the figure shaped candle saint, now that expectation has gone down a bit and is taken into account when working male sexuality.
Red: Used for strength and increased sex drive, take herbs.
Black: Decreases appetite and sexual force, also it carries herbórea combination.
Natural: This is for any request of this nature in general and therefore does not take herbs.


Another Candles of Figures very important that we offer for its great versatility is the figure shaped candle skull. It has to do with the potential that human beings can develop mental level. Also available in 3 colors:
Red: for mental strength, intellect and studies, herbal version.
Black: It is cutting jobs and herbórea black magic combination to combat it.
Natural: For all issues related to mental nature and therefore does not take herbs requests.

Man Woman

The sailing man-woman also figures among us long ago. We have them in 3 versions:
– Red: to increase sexual desire and outside the union between 2 people and bears herbs.
– Black: It is cutting jobs and leads couple herbs.
– Natural: For all aspects of a couple. For the wide range of requests representing not take herbs.
And the figure sailing couple sailing is a nice block where a man and a woman come together (literally) in a passionate embrace. It is spectacular by the way it offers.
Red: We will bring increased sex drive and help us herbs.
Blue: We’ll get union, tranquility and balance with our partner, with herbs.
Natural: For everything that may come in a couple, without herbs for the versatility of requests that can offer us.


A special mention in this section deserve the pyramids in ancient Egypt were worshiped because they believed they were carrying energy and good luck, and the ancient Egyptians believed it was a way to ensure a balance between the earth and the cosmos. CANDLE ART recovered this ancestral figure and I offer it in 4 versions:
– Black: Clean negative energy, with herbs.
– Red: For everything related to the strength and vitality.
– Blue: As is always related to the peace, unity and balance.
– Natural: It is for any request we want to make in the field of luck and prosperity in general.

Man Woman

And finally we have the figure candle MAN AND WOMAN separately for any item of work that requires the person to be treated individually. In this section we have the man in black and natural cleaning negative energy, with herbs. For the figure of the woman are equally valid everything described in the previous section.
These two candle figures are characterized by simple and sober but very effective and demanded.

CANDLE ART, is always aware of the needs and expectations of our customers and always try to adapt to their tastes and preferences. We hope we have been able to meet and satisfy your expectations with the results that you can get with the candles of figures, as the range of possibilities is immense.



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