Candles Archangels

Candles Archangels protection

Candles Archangels. Angelic beings correspond to a well-structured hierarchy according to the functions to be performed. They can be differentiated in three different triads: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones (1st rank), Dominions, Virtues, Powers (2nd rank) Principalities, Archangels and Angels (3rd rank). The first surround the throne of God and receive his orders directly regulating the proper functioning of heaven.

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They are considered divine counselors. The second triad is considered as “governors of heaven.” And the third where the Archangels work as divine messengers, intercessors between divinity and man. They help us to advance spiritually, we argue in the trials of life and sometimes extreme danger can help us directly.

Its manifestations are through intuition, revealing dreams about things that have happened, things that are happening and events that are to happen. Sometimes we do not realize but we are thinking how to solve a problem, and by chance heard a parallel conversation of a group of people that corresponds to a good solution about our problem; or a state of unexplainable inspiration where we find a developed intelligence and are able to do things we could not before, or a warm feeling of comfort and tranquility. Examples of a manifestation of a spirit friend, Angel or Archangel who loves you well. One recommendation is to always be aware of their “tracks” you listen to them and asking.


A direct manifestation of a being of Light hardly the’ll have firstly because it would play our “free will”, would act differently for life and they want to grow in them even though we can not see, second because it would much merit to manifest heaven to us in a direct way here on Earth, third because our internal debate between good and evil must stay alive, to see the sky directly into a gift that we are not yet ready to see. We emphasize that the impure and negative spirits will always lend direct manifestations, noises, creaking wood and temperature changes. For them it is pleasant that humans believe in them, we curious and want to be like them. Since they do not enjoy being in the presence of God and they want us either.

Good spirits serve God and serve evil spirits so that we learn things that good we can not teach, once we know the bad and live with it too long, we will want good with all our strength and an instinctive indifference to the evil spirits. This can be applied to daily life, we can come to distinguish people with the simple observation, a look, tone of voice, gestures and how to act in a given situation. Art Candle CANDLES ARCHANGELS proposes to allow all these requests.

Divine intervention against All Evil

Archangels candles candles are specially designed to invoke the Light beings highest ranking. Candle Artse pleased to present this range of candles, we studied the main Angel applies to every day of the week.
In total we have seven candles, Michael, Gabriel, Samael, Raphael, Cassiel, Sachiel and Anael. Made with pure beeswax with no additives, an herbalist mezcha between 30-40 types of plants indoors to ensure that the request at the time of burning the candle is channeled directly to Angel, the purer the material the “thread driver “is better. To this we add that the candles are magnetized and ritualized for each specific request.

Angels missions are varied, each specializes in a task; can be protection, love, comfort, concentration, recover to be loved … These beings are there with us and present in our day to day, you only need that we give them our attention and invoke. Candle Art puts at your disposal CANDLES ARCHANGELS to ask any request.

Besides providing love, support and companionship, we can guide us so that we can achieve our most beautiful purposes. They also give us signals, tracks and even direct advice (through pipelines or telepathy) to protect vital crossroads, paving our way, make contact with them is a powerful catalyst in our evolutionary process.


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