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CANDLES IN AUTUMN. Summer is undoubtedly the longest season. The days are filled with light and energy and with them the vacation and leisure activities. The summer and has very little, we are about to start the fall, a transit station, maturity year. We must resume our daily lives normally. But this should not be a problem, but an opportunity.

The opportunity to reconnect with nature, soothe our souls and find a way to continue living fully.

That reconnection can result in a more spiritual approach. The end of the summer on September 21 and the days are shorter. The light will temporarily because everything is a cycle.
At this time the second harvest for many of the products of the soil starts.

In ancient farming villages were many rituals to welcome you and try to attract new prosperity.

Autumn is a time of transition in which we must reflect on the beginning and end of everything. We should not stick to the past, because then there will come new things. It is a time to get rid of worries and transform our lives, as well as desbloquearnos energy.
Because of the drop in sunlight, many people have a tendency to light candles to feel its warmth and care. Some also to decorate their homes and give them a more cozy feel.

We are aware that changes are also produced in our mood.
And if we are prone to melancholy and sadness we must be alert. The more so for people suffering depression boxes.
That is why CANDLE ART, always attentive to the needs of its clientele, has carried out an exhaustive selection that can help us cope with this new well-equipped stage.

These are some examples:

Changes -Velón Protection: We will help you forget the old patterns and better cope with the new circumstances.

-Velón Depression: Its orange color, is a fantastic guide or tool to bring us joy and comfort.

-Velón States Recovery: They are times of lowered defenses and catarrh and flu-like processes. This candle will help us to safely pass these processes and will force an extra contribution will help us to better fight the virus.

Pathfinder -Velón Luck: It is excellent for new cycles are full of prosperity and positivity.

Well, with all these candles that we bring in this article, we are confident that not only will enjoy fully the Autumn, also your family and friends.

So we wish you a Fall ideas to share. As usual more information on


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