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CANDLES HALLOWEEN. Halloween is a celebration of Anglo-Saxon origin deeply rooted in the US and much of the world. And coincidentally coincides with the feast of All Saints in the Catholic world.

I must say that both festivities protagonists are disembodied spirits. These are salutes especially in the Catholic Faith asking to intercede for us and have a little more comfort to face our life.

They can mainly be spirits of our family and friends or Superior Spirits as it is one day in the year; that the vast majority of people are much more connected with the spiritual world to pray, ask for favors and to intercede for us before the Creator. And to sue in a special way comfort and to soften the penalties we have to solve in this world before our departure.

It is also a festival in which protection is sought at any time of hardship we may be suffering.

Basically we can argue that it is a very old celebration in which we remember and revere those who once were with us and to our great sorrow have disappeared.

CANDLES HALLOWEEN. Another aspect is to venerate the High Spirits. Within the Catholic world is a deeply rooted custom put candles to reinforce this bond we have towards them and both give light to all those spirits who are in transit and have not yet found their way.

A candle ceases to be nothing more nor less than a channel of Light, a communication to connect with beings from beyond; by which always we receive gratitude and favors within the extent of Karma we have to spend in this life (whether we like it or not).

Greater or lesser extent always see an answer to our request to light a candle. It is important to turn it on and pray with faith and respect, since failure to do so will not get any results.

CANDLE ART is well aware of what is very marked this date on the calendar and the importance in our culture.

They’re a couple of days where we can find more sensitive and susceptible than normal. This is because a large “traffic” of major powers among those above and those below occurs. And everything seems to vibrate more and in a special way.

This is normal, do not panic over the odds because they are normal events.

In this case we will not recommend any special candle. This is because we have a very wide variety of candles request and anyone can be a perfect candidate to turn; depending of course on the request that we undertake.

Well, enjoy the holiday and that Heaven attend your requests.

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