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Candles for break up undesired persons of your life

Candles for break up undesired persons of your life

Candles for break up undesired persons of your life

Candles for break up undesired persons of your life. Unfortunately break up and away people sometimes it becomes necessary, for our sake and for our family, for our peace and harmony, because sometimes around us some people pollute us with his bad energy, his envy, his rudeness and his wrongdoing. In such cases it is better to alienate these individuals to deal with them or try to change them, whether friends, neighbors, co-workers, people who come to your business or trade.

Candle Art, within our range of Esoteric candles have two candles to resolve such situations. They are composed mainly of a variety of peppers and beeswax, the candle CUT cod. 1.04 and candle SAN ALEJO cod.1.21.

The first is to cut mental relationship of the two people, obsession, jealousy, knowing of the life of another person … and occur in a mutual separation. The second is to move away forever any meeting with the undesirable person.

The ritual is performed on a Tuesday, lighting candles. I prefer the late afternoon, that are consumed throughout the night. The duration of the sail may be 8 to 20 hours, depending on the spirit of people. In the evening hours the human subconscious is more receptive to the work of magic.

The results shall see immediately, the same day or the next maximum will forget the feeling and harassment, with a consequence of peace and tranquility that helps us spend the day safely.

In general we can guarantee that our sails work wonderfully well, so strong and effective.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have candles for virtually all necessities of life.

We have an extensive and entertaining website: www.candleart.es, where you can become acquainted with each and every one of our products. And they put a little more light in your life.





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