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CANDLES ECOLOGICAL Beeswax WITH PLANTS. When CANDLE ART began his career and created his philosophy, he was not aimed at the fashion to transform their organic products; He was born from the outset developing green beeswax candles with plants.
From the outset we wanted desmarcarnos of industrial products with additives, dyes, preservatives, etc … today it seems that any product is “green” and also of the highest quality. Some other must be no doubt but many, a lot of publicity to gain a foothold in the market. In the económino macrosystem in which we live it is very difficult to create products of a completely handmade (without any machines) as our ancestors did because production costs would be very high. However, although these products are labeled with these ecological characteristics, we must be guided by our view of how it may have been the drafting process and where it is possible to proceed raw materials. And if mildly believe in our intuition, our own discernment will see us right away. We develop CANDLES ECOLOGICAL Beeswax WITH PLANTS and this itself we can say with rotundity. CANDLE ART develops its sails completely natural raw materials with pure beeswax unadulterated from the hives of our country and supplied by professional beekeepers. Medicinal plants are harvested in very special days of the year (almost all in magical dates) for maximum power. In our workshop produces handmade everything because machines and injection molds do not serve. The whole process from start to ending is manufactured. That is why we reiterate that ours are SAILS ECOLOGICAL Beeswax WITH PLANTS.
And it looks so colorful and so striking that brings together all the color gamut, the obtain for through a vegetable dyes whose natural pigments endow it with that intense and attractive symphony of colors.
A very important aspect of this, the visual. All you have to do to create our sails are our own. Hands, capable of loving and transmit the product, energy candles have an altruistic purpose of especially intense support and love of neighbor.
For any clarification consult our website: you www.candleart.es/en/

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