Candles Cinnamon

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Candles Cinnamon

Candles Cinnamon

Candle Cinnamon. In the article that we bring you today, we want to talk about one of Candle Art’s most appreciated candles. It is the Candles Cinnamon, it is a candle made of beeswax (unadulterated) and treated not with the already used and known herbal mixture of 40 plants; but only and exclusively with one species: Cinnamon.

Well, this species, already much appreciated in antiquity, comes from the bark of a tree on the island of Sri Lanka (ancient Ceylon).
It can be used both in the therapeutic field: Heart, circulation, diabetes and others. And therefore it can rebalance our health.
In the esoteric or spiritual world cinnamon.

It is widely known by peoples of antiquity. The Hebrews used it as sacred oil to anoint, the Romans to flavor their temples and the Egyptians used cinnamon oil in the process of mummification.

That is why Candles Cinnamon is attributed to natural uses as magical uses. Candle Art is well aware of these properties and attributes of cinnamon, that is why we have created Cinnamon Candle to obtain all its properties and benefits within the magical slope. When the burning of the Candles Cinnamon takes place, the candle acts as if an incense was treated, expands and propagates spiritual vibrations that can easily be projected on the astral level. So it favors healing, it opens channels to obtain money, it attracts enveloping protective energies and it is a perfect mental abrecaminos to maximize the psychic faculties so that at all times we have intellectual strength.
Making a symbiosis between the cinnamon and the wonderful beeswax with which we work, creating the Vela de Canela, will be a great success to obtain something of the above.

See you soon, we hope that this comment has been to your liking, the following week another.


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