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CANDLES ARCANGELS OUR UNCONDITIONAL PARTNERS. CANDLES ARCANGELES, fellow unconditional. The word “archangel” comes from the Greek “αρχάγγελος” (Archángelos) means that governs, who commands, who runs in Christianity archangels are a category of angels. Is one of the nine choirs of angels. These are the penultimate before the angels themselves. The Catholic Church recognizes seven major archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Samael, Sachiel and Cassiel. Its origin is related to the 72 geniuses of Jewish kabbalah. To order your help we can light candles Archangels, our unconditional peers.

They are beings of light, still above religious traditions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam) and our degree of faith, its primary mission is to ensure our well-being, sweet whispering in our ear the most accurate guidance to move forward by steep paths of life. We as humans we are, we have complete free will and can be hit or miss in the complicated way of life. Of course, whenever we feel and hear in the depths of our hearts his advice and succeed, they are happy and feel great joy. A good way to pay tribute candles are archangels, our unconditional friends. Mainly look after our good and spiritual advancement. In CANDLE ART work with 7 main Archangels, with a burning desire to serve any noble and just cause. Each specializes in a number of specific tasks:

Miguel cod. 18.01

It corresponds to the first heaven. Your day is Sunday and the sun planetary correspondence. Guardian of the faith and will of God, protector against evil, is the conscience and reason, prince of angels, companion of souls, gracious and patient. Active investments, money, luck and businesses.

Gabriel cod. 18.02

It corresponds to the second heaven. His day is Monday and the Moon planetary correspondence. His power is fertility and feminine. Archangel who announced to Mary her conception, helps women to become pregnant and during pregnancy protects. Pacifica home, clean envy, jealousy, betrayal and selfishness. He gives peace to the soul and wards off evil spirits.

Samael cod. 18.03

It corresponds to the third heaven. His day is Tuesday and planetary correspondence Mars. Active trade or work projects, increases passion and sex. It brings good luck, courage and tenacity. Away enemies and adversities, achieves promotions, troubleshooting where the struggle for something intervenes. It represents the severity of God, but also the victory.

Rafael cod. 18.04

Archangel of the fourth heaven. His corresponding day on Wednesday and his planet Mercury. He is the Archangel of healing, consecration, concentration and truth. He is protector of the sick, your help is where there is illness, pain or distress. Protect marriages and homes. Active intelligence, memory, strength and energy to lazy students.

Sachiel cod. 18.05

Archangel fifth heaven. His corresponding day on Thursday and Jupiter. Is the Archangel of wealth and charity, provides peace of mind, happiness and cleansing of the soul. Help solve family problems, all kinds of conflict situations, brings families. Clarifies all kinds of trials. social and financial promotions, success in professional work.

Anael cod. 18.06

Archangel of the sixth heaven. His corresponding day on Friday and planet Venus. His power is the sublime love. Love affairs and return the beloved. It protects and strengthens joints, friendship and affection.

Cassiel cod. 18.07

Archangel seventh heaven. His corresponding day on Saturday and his planet Saturn.

Temperance, Prince of Powers. deserved honors and fair punishment. He is the Lord of Karma, unites the material world to the spiritual. Appease situations and agitated or rebellious.

Brings peace, clearing negative energies away Astral spirits low.



When you need spiritual guidance in our lives, remember !, candles archangels, our unconditional friends.

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