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CANDLE TO ATTRACT MONEY. Money, within our contemporary society, is a powerful tool for getting things done. And it reminds us in our day to day that the world has materialized to unimaginable extremes.
We, the human being, are largely matter (our physical body is material) and our heart and brain (way of thinking and feeling) make up our spiritual nature.
This nature will govern our lives, emotions and important decisions.

But our material or physical nature, whether we like it or not, depends on money. With him we can feed our organism and cover all those necessities that are based on the matter like dressing, shoeing, reaching for ceiling … and covering a myriad of very diverse needs. Very true is that money does not make happiness but can help us to spend our existence with greater well-being and comfort.
Whether we are poor or rich, there are things that do not depend on the fact of possessing fortune, such as: Absolute happiness, immortality, avoid diseases, have an iron health and even have at our side and forever the love of our lifetime.

CANDLE TO ATTRACT MONEY. Having a healthy enough economy can boost self-esteem.
Whatever the situation we are in; When we are overwhelmed by the lack of money, CANDLE ART offers a repertoire of candles for these needs in its wide range of possibilities.
We can opt for two great lines of ritual. The first is to put a candle money code 1.09 on a crescent moon (optional) and always on Thursday and for three weeks in a row. In this first ritual we are demanding a more or less rapid arrival of money, to cover what at that precise moment we need to solve successfully.
If what we want is a much more optimal and lasting result, CANDLE ART strongly recommends that you do something more elaborate. All the candles that occupy us in this article you can find them in the herbal candles of request.

The second great ritual option is to deal with various circumstances that come together (not just about money) being situations of conflict. And it is that in CANDLE ART we have a great premise or philosophy of work: Clean, Cut and Protect. What we advise you to do is first take a Cleaning Candle in black code 1.01 to carry out an exhaustive cleaning of negative energies that hinder the arrival of money into our pockets. Then the sail of Abrecaminos Luck code 1.03 will unlock to root out the bad luck and pave the way for us to come a situation of economic boom.
This candle will also be put on Thursday, in the same week as the previous one and as a last step we put the money candle on Friday for three consecutive weeks. Altogether, we will have burned five candles, a very optimum number in esotericism.

All our candles are designed to make multiple combinations between them. We only have to consider which are the combinations that best fit our case. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us: And may fortune be with you.


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