Candle skull

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Candle skull

Candle skull

Candle skull. Today we bring you a unique candle: The skull candle. Indicated to treat an individual mentally. It is a way to deal with the insecurities, fears and obstacles that surround us. The color of the skull candle that we use will determine the slope to work.

The one of natural wax (white), is indicated to neutralize negativity and blockade. The black skull candle to break subjugation works and black magic. And the red skull candle to break strong moorings and a person’s domain.

There is a popular belief that the skull-shaped candle is used for works of black magic. It is just an urban legend because it is the real shape of our head.

The candle is natural color is the most popular, it is used in rituals of healing and cleaning.

The objective of these works is to cleanse and heal the psyche. These rituals can be performed any day of the week, except for a waning moon. The red candle is for spells of love and union of couples. The ties of domination are intended to influence and enhance feelings and thoughts towards the other.

We insist very much that the skull candle is used in rituals in which it is necessary to print a lot of energy and force in the thinking of people. It is very favorable to re-establish the spirit of struggle when there has previously been a resounding failure.

It will cleanse us, protect us and restore us psychically to develop our intellectual potential. And of course the skull candle opens a wide range of mental faculties.

Candle Art recommends the skull candle when you are saturated and the thoughts are not right. You know, clear minds goals happily met. For more details consult our website.

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