Candle Roses

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Candle Roses

Candle Roses

Candle Roses. Today’s candle is accompanied by a very special flower: the Rose. It is popularly the queen of flowers. La Vela Rosas will infect you with an unprecedented mysticism and magic. This had an initiatory character for religions and sects of antiquity, hence its sacred character.

In the past due to its association with emotions, Vela Rosas has been related to love.In the magic of love you have to put the Candle Roses on the altar, it is very powerful in the spells.

Putting the essence of roses, smelling their fragrance and also placing a Candle Roses before going to sleep, will induce us to prophetic dreams. The main property of the candle roses are the following: love, luck, healing, protection, psychic powers and patience.

The roses are put in the mixes of the candles to attract luck and when we have them close they protect us personally. Placing a candle in the center of the house softens household tensions and prevents family cataclysms.

They are also excellent allies when we need to develop psychic powers and access superior states of consciousness and energies. Candle Roses is related since ancient times with the most sincere love, (true love). Beauty, serenity and sweetness are also attributed to it.

Beeswax mixed with roses can attract compassion and morality. In the spiritual world the candles of roses elevate the feelings and purify them of all imperfection.

As they are beautiful, they attract beauty and joy. And if we ask, they will bring us noble feelings and tenderness. For this we will light the Candle Roses on a Friday, the day of Venus and the planet of love. A sublime love and totally disinterested.

Spring is here and the rose candles have already bloomed Take advantage of them!

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