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CANDLE OPENROADS LUCK CHANGE DESTINY. The Universe is infinite and within its structure exists the wide field of the magic and a functioning that interrelates the elements with the beings that exist in him and inhabit it.

A law governing the Universe is the law of action and reaction. This law also affects the human race, since all the acts that we carry out are not sterile and have consequences.
A lit candle is an energy that affects different levels. Fire in the wild burns indiscriminately and only when it passes through the hand of man and is used with reason can become a powerful tool.
Inside the magic the fire element is the most important since its light moves all kinds of thoughts. Fire is an important element within the structure of our own planet. So the magic of the candles is important in that it houses the fire as an element and has a great capacity of influence in everything that surrounds us.
The fact of lighting a candle is like opening a channel into the universe. This energy force
Is tremendously effective and satisfying.

In this article we want to comment on a candle, perhaps the most loved by us as it encompasses a solution for a myriad of bad trances: The sail Abrecaminos Luck code 1.03.
It is a beeswax candle (with the natural color of the wax, since being a wild card for all kinds of bad spells, does not need a certain color).
When we ask for a wish or request we always go to a particular type of candle, due to its composition or color. This sail as we have commented is a solution for several trances at the level of bad luck, bad spells, businesses that do not attract clientele and breakdowns
Out of the ordinary.

CANDLE OPENROADS LUCK CHANGE DESTINY. A clear explanation of these situations is the influence by our motives regarding our karma, or the energies given off by people who do not love us very well.
However, for one reason or another is the influence of evil spirits that lurk us to the abyss. This Abrecaminos candle drives away these entities and attracts us to benevolent and protective spirits to change our situation, whatever it may be, we will always find a visible change of any kind, but we will not always be in the constant agony that everything works badly .

As we said before is our favorite candle because it is the most demanded by our customers. We only have to have as a rule to always turn it on Thursday, since it is the day of the planet Jupiter, symbol of prosperity and progress. Also, if possible, start the ritual at the end of the evening, since having the candle lit all night, it influences more in our subconscious.

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May the light be with you.


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