Candle of Rue

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Candle of Rue

Candle of Rue

Candle of Rue is the plant most used since antiquity in the esoteric and medicinal world, it is native to Europe and repels all the negative around us, it creates a bubble in our mind that makes everything that goes wrong in our daily lives recede .

Also in the opposite direction it favors us to relate to people who can help us in our existence, because bad times in good company are not so unfavorable.

There are innumerable rituals that can be performed in esotericism with rue: evil eye, enchantments, spells, unwanted magic …

In this article we want to offer you our Candle Ruda code 3.01 for magical matters, it is a candle made of beeswax and crushed rue, in which when burning all its energy it rises to our spiritual plane, connecting with the superior entities in our help.

We also manufacture rue incense, totally natural, without additives, only the plant and resins, it is supplied in packs of nine bars and its code is 16.06. There is an old saying that says “who burns rough God helps you” for something will be.

The duration of the Rough Candle is usually from 8 to 24 hours, it all depends on the severity of the work that has to carry out the sail, if it is a difficult case the combustion will be very slow, if it is a situation for easier solutions the duration of the candle will be faster.

The ritual must be performed on Tuesday or if you wish in a waning moon, according to the urgency to solve your problem is better on Tuesday because it is only one day a week to perform the ritual, however if we do it in a waning moon (one week per month) we will have to wait longer.

Anyway, when doing the ritual with Vela Ruda, doing it on Tuesday or in a waning moon, the result is assured.

See you soon.


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