CANDLE OF JUSTICE. The article that we offer today is about the candle of justice.

Humanity has evolved a lot at a technological and material level but very little on a moral level. We are in a hurry and we lack a lot of sensitivity and empathy.

This leads us to commit a host of fatal errors and we coiled in a spiral of mistakes and bad actions.

And there is always someone who unjustly pays the consequences, whether positive or negative. Unfortunately the earthly justice (that of the man) that is composed of courts, judges, prosecutors, lawyers, etc., is not always up to the real circumstances.

It is not always able to grant us what we really deserve. But fortunately there is another kind of justice, that we can not appreciate with our senses but that exists without a doubt. We are talking about Divine Justice (the one that comes directly from God).

And therefore its main tool is the Candle of Justice. Divine justice is throughout the Universe. And it lasts beyond time and space. That which is eternal. We have created a powerful Justice Candle to be able to channel or reconnect with that Justice or that great balance that governs everything. It is the Candle of Justice code 1.11 of an intense red color.

It is mainly destined to be able to demand and to opt for a change of destiny, for having been victims of earthly justice. And return to the truth and to the equability. Only then will we be able to continue evolving with our lives in a positive and harmonious way within the framework of protection that justice offers us in all its expression.

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