CANDLE MIRRH black and selection of plants

CANDLE MIRRH black and selection of plants


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  • Use: clean black energies of the lower astral, if the cleaning is for you, by lighting the candle in a few moments you will notice a mental and abdominal discharge, giving you a tranquility for the daily task. If the cleaning is for a place or house where you are not comfortable, you have chills, there are abnormal noises, bad tuning in the inhabitants of the house…
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 10 x 5 cm
  • Category: Candles Resins
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CANDLE MIRRH black virgin wax with a selection of clean energy plants lower astral black, if cleaning is for you, to light the candle in brief moments notice a mental and abdominal download, giving you a peace of mind for daily work. If cleaning is for local or home where you will not find at home, you have chills, have abnormal noises, bad tune on the inhabitants of the house … do the ritual in the same way on a Tuesday and once a month.

You can reinforce the ritual anointing with oil candles Plant Cod. 6.01.


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