Candle Health José Gregorio

Vela Salud José Gregorio

Candle Health José Gregorio

Candle Health José Gregorio

Candle Health José Gregorio. Health is the most precious gift we have (although we do not realize it), because without it we can not fight in life to the fullest of our possibilities.

With José Gregorio Health Candle we do not pretend to offer a miraculous product for a great majority of diseases, but as a spiritual aid and relief, always under a medical guideline, we can improve the result and the duration of the treatment.

The illness can be physical, mental or spiritual, in Candle Art we take into account these three causes, almost always by a lowering of our defenses, which will depend on whether we lead a more or less calm existence. La Vela Salud José Gregorio is made of beeswax with a mixture of medicinal plants. These plants according to tradition are usually taken in infusions. We alchemically transform the energy of these plants to candle at a spiritual level, which is the reason for almost all evils when a state of psychic imbalance is reached.

La Vela Salud José Gregorio is dedicated to a great Venezuelan altruistic scientist and doctor of religious vocation (Catholic and lay Franciscan), remembered for his charity towards the poor and considered throughout Latin America as a saint. Although still in process of beatification on the part of the Catholic Church. He is also credited with many miracles and healings after his death.

In spiritual healing, the main channel is the sincere faith of oneself and if it is accompanied by a prayer and a natural candle, we attract the spiritual receiver who will always be willing to help us. The help that he offers us is the essence of his existence, just as on earth as in heaven, for them there is no better pleasure in which we find ourselves in full faculties to continue with the tests that our destiny offers us.

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