Candle Domination

Candle Domination

Candle Domination

Candle Domination

Candle Domination. There are people who by their way of being, have an innate instinct to want to be superior to others. They want to prove to themselves and to others that what they do or preach is pure reason.

And therefore they want to demonstrate to others through harassment within their variants (verbally, physically, violence in general) that reason and arrogance belong to them.

The best way to solve this type of conflict is the legal way, but sometimes for particular reasons of each this system does not end with giving a perfect solution to our problem.

In Candle Art we want to offer you a very effective help to soften this type of situation, the Candle Domination or dominant spirit candle, the results are usually positive to lead a life in what we can call tolerant.

This Candle Domination, herbal and virgin wax is natural and red color, the ritual only serves for a specific person, in this case for the person in whom we have a greater conflict, for other same situations you have to repeat the ritual.

The way to do the ritual is as follows: first we will gather ourselves in a state of meditation and ask the favor of the higher entity in which we have more faith.

Next we will take the candle and with a sharp object (it can be a stick) we will record in the Vela Domination from the wick to the base, the name and surnames of the oppressor with small print, then we will do the same operation in reverse, we will record our name and surnames with a larger letter above the previous name, from the base to the wick.

After carrying out this operation we will take the candle between our hands and we will entrust ourselves to our favorite saint or spirit, visualizing in our mind the time that is necessary, to see the completely different situation to which we are living.

I hope that this article can help you in the tortuous way that life is.

See you soon.


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