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CANDLE DOMINANT SPIRIT TO TAME AND MASTER. Today’s society is going through a lot of instability. Aggression and violence is justified not strongly shake the foundations of coexistence. Conflicting that humans have no scruple to harm the neighbor situations are seen daily.
Today we present an extraordinary sailing for these cases: CANDLE DOMINANT SPIRIT TO TAME AND MASTER. Its purpose is to pacify and “master” who pushes us when a situation is quite unbearable. The dominating becomes dominated and vice versa. It is a complete change of roles.
With it will fight harassment and demolition that inflict us:
-A Couple smothering relationship.
-In Work: colleagues, managers and bosses.
-family unbearable.
‘Bad companies of our children.

Special mention deserve two social phenomena that society is living with astonishing impotence. One of them is the Buying (bullying a child in schools perpetrated by classmates themselves). In some cases to suicide of the minor. CANDLE DOMINANT SPIRIT TO TAME AND MASTER; It is extraordinary to recover little respect, protection and dignity that have been caught.
Another case is also terribly unfair in the workplace. We met with colleagues, managers, bosses and superiors who pressure us and take advantage of our talent and work capacity to usurp us merits and efforts; to hang them the “medals”. While personal recognition of our work is forgotten. It is time to act and solve with DOMINANT SPIRIT. In a Tuesday we take the candle with both hands and try to magnetize with our energy currently differently to change the current situation. After a sharp object, we write full name of the person to dominate in small print, from the base of the candle wick. And above emphasize more strongly and with larger characters our full name. This ritual can be performed up to three times in a row (it is ideal). And to light the first candle, you will notice a change in circumstances that are gradually changing; gradually everything will return to normal.

You can supplement with the oil plant extract of peace and tranquility, to enhance the outcome of the request.
CANDLE DOMINANT SPIRIT TO TAME AND MASTER taming ensures that justice deal for what belongs to us, putting everyone in their place. This not intend to harm anyone, only we use it to ensure or restore protection if we need to ensure our survival (not selfishness); in this present world so complicated.

You know more information on the web: candleart.es/en

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