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Candle Clove

Candle Clove

Candle Clove.  The clove is native to Indonesia, in the archipelago of the Moluccas. The Egyptians already adorned the tombs with them. And it was also used in China and Japan to make incense.

The main magic properties of the clove are the following: Love, cleanliness, protection, money, avoid criticism and comfort. Also important aphrodisiac properties.

The nail candle is used to ward off bad energies and is a powerful amulet. It is related to deep intuition, that is why the nail candle works very well to make meditations and its effect can anticipate the feelings of the people.

The nail candle is magnificent to neutralize or paralyze a person (never to harm it). In ancient times they used cloves to ward off spells.

If you use nail candle with a certain frequency you will experience a lot of vigor and passion. This candle will allow you to rescue forgotten memories and strengthen your mind. It can be used as an incense because it attracts wealth, produces powerful spiritual vibrations; it will also prevent them from speaking ill of you behind your back. Increase personal magnetism and with it the opposite sex.

It softens emotional conflicts and being a good stimulant increases sexual capacity. The esoteric powers of this candle will show you the true feelings of certain people, and if we suffer a disappointment by not being reciprocated, the nail candle will bring comfort to our soul to overcome the disappointment.

Important properties of the nail candle:

-Create a space of protection for love.

-Infuse the courage to make decisions.

-Medit with a nail candle will give us security to make sound decisions.

-It strengthens the mind to recover forgotten memories.

-To honor and celebrate with the candle the arrival of a new being on Earth.

Candle Art recommends that you plant a candle in your lives: You will be strengthened.

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