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CANDLE BREAKUP. It is really surprising to observe how in the last decade dominated by continuous technological advances, the candle recovers an unusual protagonism.
And we see everywhere advertising and marketing that constantly hits us to acquire the latest models of smartphones, tablets and computers.
Last generation, etc.

Technology has been installed in our lives and in our homes forever with all its lights but also with its shadows and negativities. Just get in touch with the daily news to see how the human being degrades by leaps and bounds: sexist violence, pedophilia, bullying, drugs …

All this constitutes a clear example that society in a very short time has changed a lot but for the worse in the moral and spiritual.
We have advanced a lot technologically but morally each time if it is involuted.
And is that the values ​​in which they are no longer educated to the present generations is showing us the darkest and cruel face of humanity as a whole. This has repercussions in family, work and social relations.

So we can see that there are many negative and dangerous aspects that can envelop our daily lives.
That is why today we recommend the cut candle
Code 1.04 for when situations arise of this type.

The purpose of this candle is to cut and eliminate any kind of negativity that envelopes your life. And is that sometimes living with society in general is a real test of fire. The candle works within the scope of white magic and is not intended to harm anything or anyone.

CANDLE BREAKUP. Sometimes it is much better to separate or cut things or incompatible situations than to wait for the harmful consequences that can be derived from them.
This candle will be used to break negative relationships, people who are in themselves and that we bitter life with their way of being and is that not being able to manage their own frustrations discharge them in us.

In recent times it has also become fashionable to do magic rituals, although not everyone is trained to do magic rituals and sometimes negative results are noted; Do not hesitate the cut candle will break those spells that so many headaches can bring us.

Also sometimes our children surround themselves with bad companies, becoming a real obstacle in their lives and sometimes a real loss.
We as parents and adults, when we see danger we can put these candles so that these unproductive relationships will break completely without representing a trauma to anyone simply a change.
Here we have represented or described some of the situations that can occur in your lives to make them more fruitful.

As we have said before, this candle is not designed to harm anyone, it is simply intended that the parties involved should forget each other, which is usually the best in these cases. In short, it is a question of not extending conflictive, useless situations that do not lead us to any practical purpose. We recommend doing the ritual on a Tuesday, at the end of the afternoon.

You know when something negative floods our well-being cut Cut 1.04, each by its side and God shares lots. As usual more information at


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