Candle Azahar

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Candle Azahar

Candle Azahar

Candle Azahar. Today we bring you a candle on one level, the orange blossom candle, which has only one, in this case a flower. It grows mainly in the south of Spain and reaches its peak in spring.

It comes from Arabic; “Azzahár” which means white flower. It is also the name of several white flowers such as citron, orange and lemon. The flower and its name are also associated with the bitter orange flower.

The scent of the orange blossom candle will transport you to an orange grove without leaving your home. It harmonizes the atmosphere and creates a climate of tranquility thanks to its fresh and pleasant aroma: it is citrus.

This type of candle generates very positive vibrations on people; calm the mood and bring us happiness. Combat insomnia because it is a mild hypnotic, calms the nerves and fights headaches, stomach pains and premenstrual discomfort.

It elevates us spiritually and purifies us in moments of tense anguish feeling liberated. The orange candle has great magical properties, the main one is the attraction of blessings to our life; as for example: love and joy, since it is a powerful aphrodisiac.

The orange candle promotes the understanding of love and influences so that courtships are successful. There is a custom of bringing azahar on the day of the wedding. The groom a cutting on the lapel and the bride in the bridal bouquet. It is thought that it will strengthen happiness and rapport between the spouses.

When you need to attract to your lives luck, prosperity and love in general … The orange candle is the maximum possessor of these attributes in a very generous way. Candle Art assures you that with this wonderful candle you will access a pleasant oasis of well-being and carefreeness.

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