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CANDLE 7 WICKS WITH VIRGIN WAX PLANTS that destroys everything


CANDLE 7 WICKS  WITH VIRGIN WAX PLANTS that destroys everything

CANDLE 7 WICKS  WITH VIRGIN WAX PLANTS that destroys everything. Currently one of the most powerful candles that are known and used in the esoteric world; SAIL is 7 WICKS WAX PLANTS WITH VIRGIN that destroys everything. These candles originating from Latin America (especially Venezuela), are manufactured in many countries, including Spain with different versions and features (very positive). It is designed to reject or break curses, bad vibes and energy that you and your family may be receiving. Initially they manufactured with very low quality paraffins and to replace that deficiency was reinforced with a firecracker powder inside the candle. Thus when consumed candle, firecracker exploded reinforcing the request. Currently in Europe, these candles are prohibited by their obvious danger. CANDLE ART true professionals as , we discarded the powder. We have created the CANDLE 7 WICKS WAX PLANTS WITH VIRGIN that destroys everything. Without paraffins or powder, only with a combination of 40 plants and essential oils. They are also known as ROMPETRABAJOS to break negative influences and energies that we may be applying. The offer in 3 versions:
– Candle 7 wicks in black: breaking work magic, hexes; with herbs.
– Candle Wicks red 7: breaking spells of love and sex, unwanted persons; with herbs.
– Candle 7 wicks natural: for all generally slumps; with herbs.
If you go through a weird stage in your life when everything seems to go wrong, suddenly and without knowing why. Or you have a relative, friend, acquaintance or former couple who are envious of your success and well and when you find them a host of strange things happen; CANDLE 7 WICKS WAX PLANTS WITH VIRGIN that destroys everything if you are the victim of a negative work not waste a minute, the effect is almost immediate. Here we explain how to carry out the ritual: first we take the display with both hands and anoint with oil plant extract that accompanies the candle from the lower base to top. While it is important to think about everything that we discard. Then light a wooden match and light the wicks from right to left and upward to the top. Candle placed in a metal or ceramic container of 20 cm in diameter (IMPORTANT TO CONSULT THE RULES OF USE LABEL). Once the candle lit all we visualize through fire what we want. Very important that the request to do is constructive and positive. And thinking that everything bad drag getting an aura of protection for our purpose. Hardly it takes 15 or 20 minutes (30 at most), consuming itself in a fiery torch. It is very spectacular, do not be afraid, everything is controlled. As up with much strength and energy also it drops sharply and goes in the blink of an eye.
The ritual ends when the last wick is turned off, when the wax has gone completely collect the remains and throw away.
The ritual can be repeated up to 3 times. preferably on Tuesday will choose (the best day). And if agrees Moon Waning fantastic. A priority is the day of the week against the moon phase. It is also important that these candles are always ignite an odd number; since they are suitable to work in esotericism numbers. When you notéis something goes wrong! … CANDLE 7 WICKS WAX PLANTS WITH VIRGIN that destroys everything; cleanse, download and protect. And if we ask permission to our heavenly guidance and the universe with negative security awareness and stop chasing us definitively.
More information on the web: candleart.es/en

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