Buddha candle figure

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Buddha candle figure

Buddha candle figure

Buddha candle figure. Buddhism has its origin in Asia and for centuries it has been settled in oriental cultures. Its founder, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha), was a prince who, when leaving his palace and encountering sickness, old age, pain and death, became a spiritual guide and left us a great legacy of wisdom.

Candles are offered to Buddha to remind all of humanity that it is illuminated by the Buddha’s wisdom.

The Buddha Candle, is used for requests of good luck and to attract fortune. The Buddha Candle will help us to detach ourselves from the goods of this world and gain some freedom. To obtain everything we need from her, it is necessary that she be accompanied by a very pure motivation, since she will guide us towards “awakening”. By offering the Buddha Candle, we offer the light of the Universe (light of the Moon, the stars and the Sun). We will put the Buddha Candle to break with the monotony of life, express gratitude and try to attract the transcendental of the other dimension so that it represents a significant change in our lives.

Lighting the Buddha Candle can bring harmony, balance, tranquility and recollection to our soul. A balm within this western world that drags us into the abyss, prevents us from reconnecting with our inner self and with our purest essence.

It is mainly used for money orders, also to thank for a favor.

For abundance and good fortune, Candle Art offers it to you in five versions:

Candle Buddha Natural: For everything in general.

Red: Strength and vitality.

Blue: Tranquility, union and balance.

Green: Fertility and abundance.

Black: Against negative energies.

It’s about choosing the one you need the most or the one you like the most. May Buddha illuminate and accompany you in your life!

More information about us at www.candleart.es/en


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