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Blood sugar

Blood sugar

Blood sugar do not let your life bitter

Blood sugar. Diabetes is an irreversible disease of the body in which an excess of glucose or sugar is produced in the blood and in the urine. It is due to a decreased secretion of the hormone insulin or a deficiency of its action.

Each year, 1.9 million new cases of diabetes are diagnosed worldwide. And there are about 26 million who suffer. High blood sugar levels can be a serious danger to your health and your life.

In these people sugar can not be mobilized from the blood to the muscle and fat cells to burn or store it as energy and given that the liver produces too much glucose and secretes it in blood. This is because either the pancreas does not secrete too much insulin or the cells do not respond normally to insulin or both at the same time.


There are two main types of diabetes:

-Diabetes type 1: It is diagnosed more frequently in children, adolescents and adults. The body does not produce or produce too little insulin. The exact cause is unknown.

-Diabetes type 2: Much more common. It occurs in adulthood, but due to the high rate of obesity it is diagnosed at any age.

There are other causes of diabetes but some can not be classified in either 1 or 2. Diabetes in gestation occurs at any time during pregnancy.

A high blood sugar level can cause various symptoms:

-blurry vision.

Frequent urine

Excessive shed.


– hungry.


To be able to diagnose it is necessary to do tests to determine the existence of the disease. They consist of examining blood and urine.

It can be prevented by maintaining a correct body weight and having an active life.

But when the disease has already appeared and being aware that it has no cure and lasts a lifetime; We have to submit to the clinical criteria and the advice of our endocrine.

We have not wanted to let go of the compromise position regarding the ailments and pathologies that most afflict the human being. We could not stop making a candle for this purpose. We are well aware of the suffering and problems that can lead to a chronic illness.

We have created an interesting pink candle, a color that will bring us sweetness, patience, inner harmony and temperance to cope with this situation.

Also to help control controlled and controlled glucose levels.


Examined the disease from the emotional, metaphysical, spiritual or holistic point of view; May be due to a strong sense of nostalgia for what may have been and could not be or could not be achieved. On the other hand there are people who have a great need to control to feel safe. Without taking into account the disastrous result for our health.

It can also be the consequence of a deep sadness in which we are not able to find any rest of sweetness in our existence (hence we apply the pink color).

If you have diabetes, the Diabetes Candle will help you better cope with the situation, give you a great space of comfort and gradually you will reconcile with your reality. And to advance always positive.

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