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BEESWAX CANDLES ESOTERIC RITUALS. Since ancient times, the only candles that were known were the traditional beeswax candles. And therefore the only ones known to make requests and ask for favors. We speak of the typical candles that our parents and especially our grandparents used to make requests of a spiritual nature.

They are also very characteristic for its texture: are rustic with vintage look; and by color: ranging from soft golden or even the earthy light brown. It can be stated categorically that are the best energy or spiritual channels known yet. So much so that such a reputable and established as the Vatican (home of the Catholic Church) institution is aware of the great properties of this raw material, manufactured by benefactors tremendously animals for nature, bees. And as an institution in its bylaws that regulates all those candles, candles, candles or any other version thereof; containing in its manufacturing process a significant percentage of this material. For when they are aimed at a Church Cathedral Temple Monastery … or any holy place for worship.

The purer raw materials (beeswax) is less refined and more effective the result. This is mainly because nowadays very common deceitfully; to cut costs, very high proportions of paraffin are used. A synthetic oil residue, whose presence in society is harmful to health and other areas of daily life. The end result is usually closer to plastic than beeswax candle. This vibrating energy in the etheric or spiritual plane but if drivers use / channels who brutalize noble properties can hardly achieve what we are demanding. Candle Art has long since we know this. That is why all our candles and candles are 100% pure and unadulterated wax is in absolutely no percentage.

Therefore give a less than optimal, quick and positive results, because we make sure that the average channels is as pure as possible to raise the petition and heard and granted. Candle Art offers you 2 versions of beeswax candles:

The candles 3.11 and the candles code 3.12 and 3.13 (both of different dimensions).

To learn more about the beeswax candles you can check our website: candleart.es

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