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BACK TO WORK AFTER THE HOLIDAYS. We are in a very advanced stage and summer. The days are filled with free time, light and sun and play activities with them. Soon begins a new stage of work and a new school year.
And although theoretically the good intentions that we undertake are made in January, the beginning of the year, also in September we set ourselves goals to achieve objectives.

These, we believe that they will fulfill throughout the year. Fulfilling some way personal goals and family.
The new school year for children and youth is just around the corner. Adults begin to work after a brief (or not so brief) period of rest, and after both relaxation and leisure, it is normal that we feel overwhelmed by having to go back to the hustle and everyday obligations. Which sometimes they are many and some overwhelm us.

Also sometimes, vacations, supposed to be cohabiting almost 24 hours in the day (we slept subtracting). This can result in family conflicts and mild discomfort, especially with our partner, we can have different views.
And with the children, who often are guided by false illusions and we have to put them feet on the ground and remind the actual circumstances that surround us.
ART CANDLE, has reflected extensively on this subject. That is why we offer you some tools to overcome these small problems that you may have had in this summer.

BACK TO WORK. Our rituals with candles can contribute much to the waters back on track and of course the damaged coexistence and friction can be repaired to restore harmony and coexistence grata. And to be able to adapt to the new everyday.
Of course for those who prefer, we also have individual candles to carry out these new circumstances.
Some examples that I can suggest are:

-Love And Pomba Gira: These two combined velones will contribute much to soften tensions, and that the interpenetration of the couple is favorable and positive; leaving behind some chiding you can give.

-San Judas Tadeo: This is another good example for all sorts of urgent and difficult things. In this case we can ask especially our children start the school year with enthusiasm and eager to get these achievements and projects, much needed for their own evolution and development as individuals.

-Abrecaminos Luck: This is a generic candle to achieve our projects so that circumstances have come to face and minimal obstacles to have a life as pleasant as possible.

-Changes Protection: This candle will help us railroaded the new cycle of everyday life, will help us very well to adapt to this new life full of obligations. Within one or two days you will completely adaptaréis with serenity and realism to spend the situation that concerns us at this time.
If you let yourselves be guided by CANDLE ART not only able to face the new challenges that life puts us ahead, but also the reach successfully.
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