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AUTUMN DEPRESSION CANDLES CANDLE ART. Fall makes an appearance and long, sunny days give way to other sadder, shorter and grayer. Autumn bursts into the calendar and the summer has ended.

This new station makes many people experience ups and downs in your mood.

They feel more tired than usual, more sadness, alone prefer to spend more time and sometimes experience an increased appetite.

Autumn leaves us some exceptional weather and environmental conditions and also brings a sudden change in vital biorhythms in our body; mainly due to the decrease in the hours of daylight, all of this occurs in our body a state of sadness called seasonal affective disorder or “autumn depression”.

With fewer hours of sunlight, our brain produces less serotonin, the neurotransmitter responsible for regulating our mood, eating behavior or sleep among other things.

AUTUMN DEPRESSION. The arrival of this season does not affect everyone with the same intensity and with the same symptoms. Some people have a special sensitivity and notice more seasonal change.

We have to be optimistic and think that everything in life is a cycle. Autumn comes and goes, the dreaded “winter” comes and goes and finally long-awaited spring back. That warm season that radiates warmth and an environmental warmth that comforts our hearts and then finally the long-awaited summer where daily life is filled with a burst of energy and vitality.

It is also important to say that the summer here in Spain is the longest season (93 days approx.). But the good always know us little and autumn comes.

Very interesting candles will help you

-Depression: This is a fantastic orange candle specially designed to boost your mood and have renewed energy. You will find yourself looking like new.

Nerves: In this station our nervous system may be subject to certain imbalances. Therefore this candle will be very useful to effectively balance your emotional states. The blue color is ideal for cleaning, relax and pacify our environment.

-United RECOVERY: At this time are the first colds, flus and the first is more difficult to cope with everyday of our lives. This candle is “dual use” on the one hand the color orange will help us to be more optimistic and better pass potholes. The blue color will give us the tranquility necessary to carry out the trance.

Insomnia: With autumn usually get back to the routine. Sometimes adapting to the obligations can alter us sleep. Candle insomnia will become a good ally to reconcile quality and restful sleep. Also deep blue for a good rest.

-Changes PROTECTION: It is a great sail to meet the challenges that life puts us calmly. The lilac will help us transmute all negative into a positive.

We consider that we must face this season otherwise. Enjoy it and especially and most importantly successfully overcome.

Well these are the main sails selected for a good autumn. For any clarification or questions that you may arise in this regard do not hesitate to visit our web


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