Attract Love, Luck, Health and Money

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Attract Love, Luck, Health and Money

Attract Love, Luck, Health and Money

Attract Love, Luck, Health and Money. Several decades ago, immigrants from Latin American countries settled in Spain and with them their culture, beliefs and traditions. Venezuela was one of the countries that contributed more inhabitants, fruit of the old Spanish colony. The Venezuelans have brought with them a whole set of characters and very ancestral entities, on the one hand and very current on the other hand.

Great esoteric and magical value

The triad called three powers condenses a great esoteric and magical value; Easily syncretizable with the beliefs here. Candle Art wanted to adopt this term: THREE POTENCIES and set up a juicy result giving title to the candle THREE POTENCIES. The first of these powers is Maria Lionza; Central figure of the indigenous Venezuelan cult: a mixture between Catholicism and the Aboriginal beliefs of Africa and Venezuela. She is the goddess of nature, peace, harmony and fortune. And it reaches all levels of society. This power is syncretized with the Virgin Mary (mother of Jesus) this is known as Venezuelan spiritualism. It is an indigenous religion of Venezuela and the highest spiritual authority after the Blessed Trinity and the Virgin Mary. It is related to the magic of water, forests, perfumes and mountains.

Guaicaipuro (the Indian) is the cacique that fought valiantly against the Spanish conquerors and represents the native slope. Next to these representative figures is the Black Felipe, the only black man with official rank in the Bolivar army that presides over the black court. All of them are a symbol of the great set of cultures that formed those lands and captained by Maria Lionza; Patron of the race mestiza -aborigen with Spanish- Reconciling on the one hand the pride in the mestizaje and on the other the submission of the native to the New World. Candle Art for its part has been able to intuit all the magic and all the esotericism that impregnate these entities and also in turn has wanted to synthetize in a candle that brings together these three legendary characters to obtain from them something to which everything aspires to be human. And with love, good health and money, we can become the supreme masters of our destiny and have a much fuller life.
This request, request has a very powerful energy, being able to perform once a day or once a week, three consecutive weeks.

Esoteric candle blend of herbs, essences and extracts of essential oils

Found in alchemical treatises of ancient magic.
Through this candle Candle Art invites you to invoke three very powerful entities in the world of santeria: Maria Lionza, the Black Philip and the Indian Guaicaipuro. His supporters say they never disappoint. It is a candle that can be used for all types of work, always with a positive and constructive ending.
Due to the great amount of properties that are attributed to these three entities; Candle Art has been able to adopt (all of them) and turn them into a magnificent pioneer in the path of love, luck, health and money.

Always without abandoning the purpose of the essence of our sails and our methodology of work.

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