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ASMA SOLUTIONS. Asthma and bronchial problems seem to be increasingly in vogue in our society.

And the allergies in the spring season, reach their maximum point of hatch, due to the subject of the pollination. High levels of pollution and pollution do the rest.

Asthma and bronchial problems are diseases that belong to the respiratory system; The bronchi can cause unpleasant respiratory problems.

The worst enemies of the bronchi, are usually tobacco and how not cooling and virulent constipated that irritate mucous and respiratory tract. Dusty air or full of gases (the latter associated with occupational diseases) are also a cause of weight. The majority of asthmatic patients are young and this pathology is usually due to a condition in childhood.

The fact that psychic factors play an important role; Is shown by observing that the disease appears more frequently in the pubertal age. The disease can improve with medication, respiratory gymnastics, diet, climatic changes … And why not with candle Asthma-Bronchians of Candle Art!

Diseases of the respiratory system do not usually begin with the lungs. It is widely known that the bifurcations of the trachea (the bronchi) can suffer unpleasant inflammations. A hereditary predisposition often comes into play.

Asthma in the physical plane is an extremely important and widespread disease of the airways. And in which play a marked role both nervous influences and hypersensitivity reactions.

Asthma manifests due to a strong obstruction of the entire bronchial musculature.

The duration of the asthmatic process is very distressing and can last for hours and days.

Candle Art wanted to create an attractive candle in a uniform pink color, with the main objective of combating the bronchial affections and to facilitate the breathing. A great sense of peace will invade us.

People who suffer from this type of ailments are individuals who pretend to stifle love (for whatever reason). They are also people who are unable to breathe on their own (understood as “breathing alone” as they move forward in life). They are also individuals who suffer from a sense of suffocation because they have great insecurity in life and suppress crying.

And something really curious: when it manifests itself in babies, it is associated with a tremendous fear of life and a fervent desire not to be on this plane.

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