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Angels and demons

Angels and demons

Angels and demons

Angels and demons. Undoubtedly, who has not had paranormal experiences, will not believe much on this issue, because to believe must be seen, according to some.
He who believes, or has had experiences in this subject, will be able to discern in some way, to allow himself to be advised by one or the other.

Los Angeles are pure spirits who always watch over our security and our moral and spiritual advancement, the way to communicate with us is whispering in our minds good advice, is what we say “the first thought is worth” of us depends on decision we must take, since we have our free will.
The demons are little evolved spirits, who through various reincarnations, have not been able to advance spiritually enough, wander away from the light and their only consolation is to give us bad advice to resemble them in their misfortune and misery, this comforts them, to think who are not the only ones who are unhappy.

These spirits of the low astral, with the passage of time and various reincarnations, will improve their state and see the light, or by divine law.
The Creator does not let his children wander eternally in the dark, the sun rises for all and sooner or later we will all enjoy its light.
It is very helpful to ask the Angels to intercede for us in distressing situations, through the mind to pray to our favorite Angel, it is certain that you will listen and help, always do, it is their devotion for us to spiritually advance.

To make the request, you can use the offering that you like the most: Prayers, candles, incense …
In Candle Art, we have a range of Angel candles Cod.18, an Angel or Candle for each day of the week, each with its characteristics and way of acting, to solve the bad moment that you are going through.

You have more information about each candle of Angeles on our website candleart.es

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