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AGAINST DIFFICULTIES IN LIFE. People’s lives are completely different from each other. There are those who seem to have a very level road and others who are continually facing real obstacle courses.
Throughout our existence, we believe that we are prepared to endure the great majority of hardships that the human being can bear. But it is not always this way, since if we are in this world it is to evolve, to perfect ourselves, to learn and to go up steps in our evolutionary process.
Until we experience our own misfortunes and difficulties, we can not analyze with true knowledge of what is the crudeness and bitterness of life.
There is undoubtedly more discomfort than we would like for ourselves (although sometimes we believe in a pleasant and idyllic life), such as the death of a loved one, a conjugal separation, the obsession to solve a problem, suffer for our children Or relatives and above all the insecurity that sometimes creates us not to achieve those goals that we so long for.

In our selection of esoteric candles we are very proud to have been able to create a candle with zero competition in the sector. The Change-Protection candle code 1.12, is deep purple, the most representative in the spiritual world (purple is the color of transmutation and with a traditional herb-based combination.
This candle we can use any day of the week, when we notice that our morale faints. We will immediately notice that a pleasant sense of well-being is invading us completely. We will also experience great inner strength to resolve our conflicts, both internal and external.
Life is not easy for any of us, but we can count on spiritual aids: in this case the candle Change-Protection Candle art. According to the karma with which we were born, we can have a life more or less complicated but we can count on aid of spiritual scope. The smartest option is to be brave and face what comes to us (although sometimes very complicated), with much optimism. And we also have to face it with the most convenient criterion since otherwise we can derive some very negative consequences that we can carry for life.

AGAINST DIFFICULTIES IN LIFE. It is a difficult course, but the important thing is that we are able to reach our goal. Along the way it is important to cultivate wisdom and morals. This is the true meaning of life.

The spiritual and esoteric world is very complex. Therefore we must be cautious and prudent and that the professionals who help us are the right ones and with effective tools.

The Change-Protection candle, along with other candles is one of our favorite candles because the results are excellent. It will help us to keep our feet firmly on the ground and to be impartial in whatever decision we must take.

To solve any doubts you may have with this candle, do not hesitate to contact us, either by telephone or by email. You can also check our website:


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