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AGAINST CANCER. Have you recently found a lump in any area of ​​your body? Do not worry more than necessary, we’ll explain how to identify them.
A tumor is an alteration of the tissues that produces an abnormal volume increase of a part of our body. The division of cells is altered and is related to the immune system. Tumors can be malignant: invasive and infiltrating and metastatic, disseminated or spread throughout the body in a disordered way, in places distant from the primary tumor and then cancer. Or also benign: slow and limited growth. They grow in an orderly manner and do not destroy normal cells and around redness occurs. They do not spread to other tissues and usually do not produce side effects.

Abscesses are cutaneous, they leave the skin and affect people of all ages.

They occur when an infection causes an accumulation of pus in the skin as the white blood cells reach the area through the bloodstream.
Skin abscesses may occur after a blow or bacterial infection. Abscesses can be as large as the infection progresses.

In very advanced cases can cause septicemia (appearance of bacteria in the blood) and death. The treatment is to drain or treat them with antibiotics.
Differentiating an abscess from a tumor can be done through touch. The abscess has only liquid or pus in it. Instead the tumor is an enlarged skin that appears swollen or distended and the factor that is hard as an irregular stone, does not move and if it moves is malignant and does not cause pain.

Whenever we notice something strange in our body we must go to the doctor quickly.

We have just explained from a biological point of view how these anomalies occur; But Candle Art wants to analyze them from a metaphysical or spiritual point of view. For this we have created a candle of pink and lilac: the rose is to feel loved and protected from the emotional point of view and the lilac is to help us pass the trance in the most balanced way possible.

AGAINST CANCER. The tumors from the metaphysical point of view are related to old wounds and dislikes that feed back the past and that we can not overcome. Also with the regrets for not having acted well in our life.

And the abscesses, for their part, have to do with the bitterness that could have made us feel hurt or injured. From Candle Art we want to contribute to healing those emotions so entrenched with fatal consequences for the health of our organism.

That is why it is very necessary to know those mental patterns that can lead to a deadly disease. Colors are of the utmost importance, for through them we will achieve healing goals and can help us create new patterns of thinking to understand and overcome what happens to our body.

This candle is intended to wane or even help to dissolve this type of anomalies in our body.


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