7 Wicks Candle

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7 Wicks Candle

7 Wicks Candle

7 Wicks Candle is originally from Latin America, specifically from Venezuela. Twenty years ago they settled in our country with great acceptance. They are also known by the name of breaker, tumbatrabajos, undoing, etc …

The main purpose of the candle 7 wicks, is to break, repel and reject any negative magic that is seriously affecting our lives in any of our facets.

The candle 7 wicks is very important for Candle Art because it is a very powerful instrument to free from the most absolute evil. In the past a firecracker was introduced for a more effective result.

It is currently banned in Europe because of its obvious danger. The candle 7 wicks of Candle Art does not contain any explosive. Instead we opted for a potent herbal combination capable of neutralizing the darkest purposes. It is a bursting candle that self-consumes in about twenty minutes, becoming a real colossus in flames for the virulence it reaches.

We can do it up to three times and, if possible, in a waning moon or on a Tuesday. Candle Art offers it to you in three versions, which are the most representative:

-Velon 7 wicks (black) to break hexes and protection.

-Velon 7 wicks (red) love or sex.

-Velon 7 wicks (natural) for everything.

Candle Art strongly recommends you make use of this tool, when in your lives you find yourself with serious obstacles that you can not easily face.

Do not waste your time, the more time passes, the harder the bad energies will be. And Candle Art believes that the bad spells must be neutralized and encapsulated immediately.

The candle 7 wicks of Candle Art is specially designed so that no material or immaterial cause can harm us indefinitely. The candle 7 wicks moves in the spheres of the High White Magic. We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

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