CANDLE CLEANSE natural petition esoteric BEESWAX

CANDLE CLEANSE natural petition esoteric BEESWAX


CANDLE CLEANSE natural petition

CANDLE CLEANSE natural petition.  Cleanses energy and black magic. Perform the ritual in the affected area (home, business, etc.).

Lighting a natural cleansing candle Code 1.01 next to this candle is recommended when performing a cleansing. It is preferable to perform the ritual during a waning moon or on a Tuesday.

We are living in a time of great darkness, you feel distrust and an uncertain future.
And if you have fatigue, depression, nightmares, bad luck, bad times … it is possible that someone has done work of black magic, but most of the time only talk bad about us or hate us it is enough for us ruined life.

colour: natural


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Dimensions 20 x 3.6 cm