Esoteric Candle VIRGIN WAX AND PLANTS. Today proliferate many types of candles on the market; to decorate, to create atmosphere, to give away … But there are very few companies engaged in the development of Candles Esoteric VIRGIN WAX PLANTS, whose purpose is precisely that: to solve such esoteric topics. Many people through ignorance or ignorance come to any establishment to buy candles no matter the feature to make an esoteric ritual. Obviously that’s a mistake, if we are to use the esoteric to solve a problem in our life, it is best to use an esoteric candle. If they are esoteric craft candle wax virgin and plants, we get great results. ART CANDLE candles are lifelong, both in its development and in its outcome. We manufacture genuine handmade esoteric candles 100% beeswax without synthetic derivatives such as paraffin oil or additives. All highly harmful to humans and to the environment and with few, few or no esoteric, magic, energy or healing properties.

Another important aspect is the herbórea formulation containing our sails, also in a very careful quality. All herbalists mixtures are carefully collected two significant dates on the calendar. We are talking about Friday and the feast of All Saints (these days with great energy and religious potential). In those days we proceed to crush and combine them in our workshop. We have listed on our website about 300 candles (approx.). Each with its herbórea from 30/40 combination plants. And each candle has its exclusive formula, according to the purpose for which it is intended. This is not repeated in any reference. Or makes or herbal colors is not repeated. These Candles Esoteric VIRGIN WAX AND PLANTS are magnetized energy and healed one by one with Reiki. As a result we get a surprising and quick results. In today’s market there are many candles, a generic level, but very few Esoteric Candles VIRGIN WAX AND PLANTS. In the world there are many candles, but if you really want to change the course of your life … Dare with candles CANDLE ART! And carefully follow the instructions provided. Our website: is enjoyable, fun also informative.

And for any questions that you may arise do not hesitate to contact us.

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