candles of colours

CANDLES OF COLOURS is the new creation of CANDLE ART, specially designed for an audience that is beginning to know our products.
The main feature is its competitive price. We have nine references according to the main needs of life and most frequent requests.

You remain true to our philosophy of providing the highest quality are made with beeswax with nine colors we have. The development work is slightly simplified compared to the other products we have, as it contains herbs inside. Even so esoteric material power and energy that we will put preparation is able to offer a great result.
We recommend to increase the potential of the request, make novenas with these candles. That is, instead of turning one, turn nine at a time and prendiéndolas a circle clockwise to clockwise. Performing a ninth power is multiplied request about nine, so it has nothing to envy to the rest of our sails.
Recommended as we said clients who are starting with our products and eager to see an esoteric result at a competitive price.
Below we detail the characteristics of the candle with its corresponding color:
– Red candle: its sign is Aries, fire element and the planet Mars.
– Blue candle: its sign is Sagittarius, fire element and the planet Jupiter.
– Blue candle: its sign is Sagittarius, fire element and the planet Jupiter.
– Green candle: its sign is Taurus, earth element and planet Venus.
– Orange candle: its sign is Scorpio, water element and Mars.
– Pink Candle: your sign is Libra, air element and its planet Venus.
– Violet candle: its sign is Virgo, earth element and the planet Mercury.
– Black candle: its sign is Capricorn, the earth element and the planet Saturn.
– Yellow candle: its sign is Leo, fire element and the sun planet.
CANDLE ART this time gives you through these wonderful colorful sails a little pot and a small rainbow of sensations, colors, and opportunities. Beneficiaries of their joy and variety.

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